What to Do in Case of a Slip & Fall Injury


  1. Report the accident to a person in authority by document (email or letter) as soon as possible

    If a report is made by the owner/manager of the place you fell, get a copy of the report. Private residence, report it to the home owner and if it is a place of business, report it to the most senior person available. Lastly if it is a public place, report it to the town/city.shutterstock_185722280

  1. Use your smartphone and get pictures of the scene along with date and time of accident.shutterstock_104853176

  2. Take pictures of yourself, your shoes and clothes. Package your shoes and clothes securely as they may be needed as evidence.shutterstock_314718131


  3. Figure out what caused the fall by examining the area, your shoes and clothes.shutterstock_425958400

  4. Find out if there was a warning about the hazard e.g. a Wet Floor sign.shutterstock_128548532

  5. Get names and contact information of witnessesshutterstock_270756173

  6. Accept medical attention as refusing to do so may not convince insurance companies or a jury that you were hurt.shutterstock_86400790

  7. Get the names of your medical institution and medical care providers. Note the tests, treatment and medication you received. Keep all documents and invoices.shutterstock_156022646

  8. Contact your attorney and give details of your matter. The attorney will handle insurance, and the other parties.shutterstock_392166814

  9. Refer all phone calls and contact from insurance companies to your attorney.shutterstock_236845816

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