Connecticut Appellate Law

The Moynahan Law Firm maintains an active and diverse appellate practice division, representing clients in federal and state appellate courts. Since many trial defense firms here in Connecticut do not practice appellate law, we are frequently retained directly by clients, as well as counsel from other law practices, to prosecute appeals from cases tried by outside firms.

Being a successful appellate lawyer requires specific experience and knowledge of the complexities of the appellate process, our practice has that experience. Knowing when and how to appeal a decision from a trial court or how to respond to an opponent’s appeal requires skills and experience significantly different from those of the typical trial lawyer.

At The Moynahan Law Firm, we have the experience to handle your appeal. We understand how to review trial transcripts; to identify prosecutorial errors; to recognize issues that may not have been addressed in the original trial. Furthermore, we have the resources within the firm to address specialty areas, such as medical malpractice or criminal trials.

The Moynahan Law Firm represents clients in federal and state appellate courts. If you are looking for an experienced and skilled Appellate lawyer, contact our firm today.

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