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Personal Injury Lawyer Wolcott, ConnecticutIf you have been injured in a accident, leverage the decades of experience our firm as to offer. Our firm proudly represents clients from the Wolcott, CT area in personal injury and other cases. Our firm has the experience and knowledge of local courts to help you get the best possible outcome in your case. Don’t let the insurance companies try to talk you down or get you to settle for a small portion of what your case is worth. Attorney Moynahan has extensive experience in the local courts, with local judges and the insurance company lawyers and adjusters.

Our firm offers residents of Wolcott, CT personal injury representation for everything from car accidents to dog bites. We deal with injuries ranging in severity and with clients from all over the state of Connecticut.

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Accidents happen, it’s what you do after the fact that can make all the difference. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car crash, bit by a dog, neglected in a nursing home, or injured in any other way; contact our firm today for a free case consultation. If we can take your case, there’s absolutely zero cost to you unless we win.

About Wolcott, CT

We are happy to help the residents of Wolcott collect the compensation they deserve when injured in auto accidents, slips and falls, work accidents, and more.

If you or a loved one need a personal injury or criminal defense lawyer that You Can Trust near Wolcott, CT; look no further. Contact Tim Moynahan for help!

Wolcott, CT: A Hiker’s Paradise

Wolcott was founded in 1796, and the town was initially named Pequabuck, which in Algonquin means “clear or open pond.” Later, the town was named Farmingbury, but the name was later changed to Wolcott in honor of Governor Roger Wolcott, who served for over 20 years starting in 1792. 

Wolcott is a residential area, and it is home to many types of businesses, and grocery stores, as well as restaurants and various small convenience stores. Wolcott also marks the start of the Mattatuck Trail, one of the state’s finest hiking trails. This 35-mile trail extends northwest from Wolcott to Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, where it joins the famous Appalachian Trail. 

Things to Do in Wolcott

Top points of interest that will get you in tune with nature in Wolcott include the beautiful Hitchcock Lake and Finch Brook Preserve. Hitchcock is a 100-acre lake that was formed from glacial ice melting 15,000 years ago. The area features boating, fishing, swimming. 
Finch Brook Preserve, which is open from dawn to dusk, offers short jaunts, hikes and plenty of chances to marvel at the area’s protected wildlife. 

Additionally, one of the most unique attractions in the nation, the Boulder Dash, can be found in neighboring Bristol, located 11 min (6.0 mi) via CT-69 N from Wolcott. Boulder Dash is one of the top wooden roller coasters in the United States—ranked #3 out of 50 by the Golden Ticket Awards (2017). 

Also within a few minutes of Wolcott are the Fascia Chocolate Factory, three craft breweries, Mount Southington Ski Area, a gorgeous waterfall and an interactive children’s museum.

Where is Wolcott, CT?

Wolcott is located in New Haven County and has an area of 18 square miles and a population of around 16,000. Wolcott shares its borders with other towns, including Naugatuck to the north, Thomaston to the east, Waterbury to the south and Beacon Falls to the west. 

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Wolcott, CT is one of The Moynahan Law Firm’s geographic areas of practice. We understand that personal injury accidents take place in Connecticut daily, sometimes several times a day. If you believe you or your loved one has any type of personal injury claim, it is crucial that you speak with the team at The Moynahan Law Firm immediately concerning your legal rights. You do not have to fight this legal battle yourself, so please reach out to our law office today. For immediate assistance, you can contact us at (203) 597-6364.

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