AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT LAWYER NEW HAVEN COUNTYAny individual involved in an automobile accident is often injured emotionally as well as physically. An experienced New Haven County automobile accident attorney understands and appreciates about how difficult it can be to deal with being injured by another person’s negligence and having to worry about paperwork and related matters they are not common knowledge.

At Moynahan Law, Attorney Timothy Moynahan is well versed in the laws relating to automobile accidents, including but not limited to pain and suffering, issues of liability and other damages.

You do not have to proceed alone if you are in an automobile accident. A New Haven County accident attorney is a phone call away for a free consultation, one who has seen every conceivable kind of automobile accident.

The situation that is unique to you has happened to others who have experienced anger and frustration because their vehicle was smashed and perhaps towed. Perhaps an ambulance was necessary to transport to the emergency room of a hospital and the worst part is that you are hurt and in pain. An automobile accident can result in a concussion, neck and back-sprains, disc dislocations, broken bones, torn muscles, torn cartilages or general aches and pains. Despite your powers of endurance, you will be distraught.

The automobile accident may cause you to lose time from work or leave you with permanent injuries which affect your capacity to enjoy life and limit actions in which you previously participated.

In conjunction with pursuing your case against the negligent driver, your New Haven County automobile accident attorney will also examine the contents of your policy to determine the amount of bodily injury/liability coverage is provided. He will ascertain the amount of your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage you have and whether you have purchased conversion coverage or double insured motorist protection.

An automobile accident attorney will always advise you to purchase underinsured motorist coverage to insulate you from incurring losses if you are injured by a motorist is uninsured or underinsured. The coverage best suited for your protection and that of your family is described as underinsured motorist conversion which guarantees you the full extent of the coverage you purchased regardless of the amount received from the driver responsible for the crash.

An automobile accident attorney is familiar with the terms of policy which affords you the most complete protection and will clearly explain its terms so you have confidence in selecting the best policy to serve your purposes. Therefore, it is well to consult with an automobile accident attorney at the time you are choosing an appropriate policy. It is a service he will be pleased to provide without charge.

By way of example, if an at-fault motorist has a $20,000 limit policy and your policy has a limit of $50,000 without conversion, you can only make a claim for the difference or $30,000. ($50,000 – $20,000 = $30,000 ). You are well-advised, therefore, to have obtained conversion coverage which allows you to make a claim for $50,000 and if you have double underinsured coverage you will have $100,000 coverage in addition to the $20,00 available from the negligent driver.

During his professional career, a New Haven County automobile accident attorney will have been confronted with frequent situations where clients have inadequate insurance. Purchasing the maximum amount available is w wise and inexpensive decision. Kindly consider it not as a luxury but an investment and a necessity.

Some things a New Haven County accident attorney can tell you about car accident cases:

  • If you do not recover the money there is no legal fee
  • You have to show both fault and damages
  • You need a doctor’s expert opinion that you have a permanent injury and what percentage to get money damages that adequately compensate you.
  • Crashes cause injuries and wrongful death
  • Must be filed without two (2) years of the accident

The Moynahan Law Firm is a New Haven County Automobile accident law firm representing accident victims involved in all type of accidents.

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