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Expectations for Your Dog Bite Settlement

Dog bites are traumatic experiences, many times unexpected and virtually all the time painful. Surprisingly, dog bite cases have seen an uptick in recent years, which has brought the subject closer to the forefront of legal cases.

In general, a dog bite case involves an animal that is unreasonably aggressive mixed with the wrong circumstances—a dog not properly licensed, not being tied up or leashed, or otherwise. Injuries in dog bite cases can range from minor cuts and scratches, to major maimings requiring extended hospital time.

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Average Dog Bite Settlements

According to Insurance Journal, dog bite cases have taken up almost one third of all home insurance claims, with a 67 percent increase in claim size since 2003. In 2014, the average dog bite settlement reached over $32,000, an increase caused by a number of factors.

One factor is the rising costs of medical care. Once your medical bills are tallied up, home insurance companies take those costs and, if the courts decide in favor of the plaintiff, pay you for the total.

Sometimes you can receive more than the cost of medical bills for your dog bite case. If you’ve had to miss work and lose wages, that can impact the amount of the settlement. Additionally, emotional distress and other factors can increase the amount of your settlement.

It’s also important to understand that the term “dog bite case” is generally attributed to all cases involving injuries caused by dogs. The above-mentioned increase generally also includes being knocked down by a dog and the resulting sprainings and fractures that can take place.

Nationwide, the value of claims has risen to over $500 million according to Insurance Journal, with a record 16,550 claims being recorded.

Don’t Go It Alone

Dog bite cases are nothing to laugh about. Irresponsible owners, poor trainers, and those who breed viciousness are out there and should not be owning dogs.

The pain and suffering caused from dog bites can be insurmountable, which means having the right representation is crucial.

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