Car Accident Settlement Amount Average

While this is a common question when it comes to an auto accident settlements, it’s impossible to quote a statistical “average” or “typical,” because statistics are simply not available. However, even if this information was somehow available, in most cases, it would be meaningless for you, since every case is different. It is more appropriate to ask the right questions, the answers to which will allow your personal injury lawyer to evaluate your specific circumstances and give you an ideal of what your auto accident settlement may be.

Vital Questions Regarding Auto Accidents

Since there is no such thing as an average settlement for car accidents, you should ask yourself these questions, at a minimum, before you discuss your potential case with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

  • Do you have a case that a personal injury attorney would want to handle?Although this is a question that your lawyer is best equipped to answer, it’s appropriate for you to speculate, based on the facts, not your opinion, of the accident.
  • Were you injured along with others?If you were injured in the accident, always report your symptoms to your doctor so it becomes part of your medical file. Is your medical treatment over and complete? Some injuries may seem minor at first, but become long-term or chronic in the future, needing regular or periodic treatment for long periods. If you need long-term treatment or will miss work for a long period, you should estimate how much your medical treatment will cost, or how much money you might lose from being unable to work.

Have you assembled your medical records and all your bills?

Be sure your doctor records every pain and discomfort you feel so that everything goes on the record, which is important if you hope to receive a reasonable settlement or win your case if you go to trial. Get copies of your medical records and bills. Bring this critical information when you first meet with your lawyer to help him/her understand your situation and what your average settlement for the auto accident may look like.

Is it evident that the other driver was “at fault” for the accident?

You should assemble evidence that that the other driver caused the accident that injured you and others. This “proof” can take various forms, including, but, not limited to, a combination of the following items.

  • Your own perception of the details of the accident
  • Statements of witnesses to the accident or first responders (law officers and/or EMTs) made of their perception of the accident facts
  • Police reports of the results of the accident from law enforcement who responded to the scene
  • Photos from the scene of the crash
  • Any statements from the other driver that admit fault
  • What should you ask for “pain and suffering” because of this accident?

You should probably defer to your lawyer who can estimate a fair amount from experience. His/her experience with car accident cases can be invaluable to you.


While there are no available reference data that display an average or standard settlement amount for a “typical” car accident, follow the preceding tips to help your personal injury lawyer negotiate the best, fair settlement for you. At a minimum, you’ll be prepared to make a strong case, first, with your auto accident attorney, and last, should your case go to trial.

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