Fall in Connecticut is an exceptionally beautiful time in our state. Now that the crisp fall weather seems to be here to stay, more and more bikers are going to be out on our roadways. This also means more motorcycle passengers. It is essential that a rider has plenty of experience before they try to take a passenger on their bike with them.

 According to research published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, being struck by another vehicle was responsible for 51 percent of the motorcycle accidents that ended with the death of a rider. 

Six Ways To Avoid Motorcycle Injuries

In the event that you are ever invited to ride along on the back of a bike, follow the six tips listed below to circumvent severe injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident.Avoiding a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident This Autumn

  • The bike needs to be designed to carry passengers including having the suspension adjusted to support the additional weight and making certain the tires are correctly inflated.
  • Be sure the driver shows you what you need to do when he is stopping, taking a corner, and getting off his bike.
  • Footrests need to be tailored to the passenger to stop them from falling off of the motorcycle and, as a result, taking the driver down with them when they do.
  • Passengers should always be wearing protective gear including a DOT approved helmet, appropriate footwear, and protective outerwear.
  • Passengers should not ride on a motorcycle if it means the driver has to sit further forward than they are comfortable with.
  • Drivers need to readjust their headlight and mirrors to accommodate the added person.

Dangers Of Riding A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be extremely exhilarating, but drivers and passengers need to take safety precautions to avoid a motorcycle accident. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much skill you have when it comes to riding a motorcycle, accidents can happen to anyone. 

Besides their helmet, motorcycle riders have virtually no barricade between themselves and the outside world. This can result in heads slamming against roadway barriers, skin being scraped off by the pavement, and bodies being ejected from bikes as easily as you might toss a soda can into the garbage. 

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe while on a motorcycle is to be aware of your surroundings. You cannot rely on other drivers to afford you this courtesy. In fact, you should assume that they are not looking for you at all. Any seasoned motorcycle rider will undoubtedly tell you that safety on the bike has to be any rider’s number one priority.

Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney

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