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Personal Injury: Bus Accidents

Attorney Tim Moynahan focuses on personal injury matters in Waterbury, CT, including bus accident cases. Bus accident injuries can happen for a multitude of reasons. Drivers of autos or bus drivers can become distracted leading to an accident. In some cases the bus company delays necessary maintenance and repairs on their municipal buses leading to injury or even death.

When you’ve been inured in a bus accident you need the skilled and trusted counsel of a personal injury attorney with experience in accidents such as yours. Particularly in this challenging time, you also need someone who is caring and compassionate about the details of you case such as Attorney Moynahan.

Attorney Moynahan has over the years accumulated experience with these types of cases, and become familiar the tactics used by insurance companies.


Bus Accidents Typically Involve Different Causes than Car Accidents Which Means You Need a Lawyer With an Understanding of Bus Accidents

Public transportation buses are massive vehicles, necessitating drivers to make wide turns. Sometimes, experienced drivers with many passengers can lose momentary control of their vehicles, depending on traffic volume, road conditions, and weather.

Bus accidents often have different causes than most private auto crashes. Some of these bus accidents are caused by the following issues.

  • Bus drivers often spend many long hours on roadways, sometimes, beset by exhaustion.
  • Bus company deferred maintenance sometimes results in bus parts failures.
  • Bus passengers distracting bus drivers may cause accidents.
  • Bad weather conditions may result in drivers losing control of their vehicles.
  • Lack of visibility may lead to accidents with pedestrians

Average Settlements for Bus Accidents

While there is no formula for settlement of car or bus accidents, there are a few questions to answer when estimating what is a fair settlement for either type of accident.

  • Is your medical treatment for your injuries finished?
  • Have you made copies of all injury-related medical records and bills?
  • Is there sufficient evidence of who or what was at fault for the crash?
  • Do you have evidence of lost income because of your injuries?
  • Do you or does your lawyer have a monetary estimate of your “pain and suffering” from the accident?

While these are popular questions, since each state has different rules and procedures, it is futile to compare settlement data from state-to-state. Our firm can help you to answer these questions and get all of the necessary evidence in order for your case.

Choosing the “Right” Waterbury, CT Bus Accident Lawyer for You

When you’re injured in a bus accident, you should always have legal representation to protect your interests. The Moynahan Law Firm will fight for your case and make sure you understand every step of the process. Since, plaintiffs with good legal representatives receive around 3 and one-half times more dollars in awards than those without experienced attorneys, it’s logical to retain the best bus accident lawyer in Waterbury.

Personal injury attorneys should have extensive experience with bus accident cases before you hire a one to represent you, whether as a passenger, pedestrian, or driver of an involved car. Our firm has over 55 years of experience in representing clients such as you. Since the bus driver or his/her company may be at fault (or not), it is wise to consult with a veteran personal injury attorney, with substantial experience in managing accidents involving buses such as Attorney Moynahan.

Our firm has extensive experience in all types of personal injury claims and have been getting our clients the compensation they deserve for over 40 years. When you have been injured in a bus accident,

Since all personal injury lawyers work on contingency fees as their legal costs, it makes sense to hire the best, most experienced bus accident lawyer possible. Contact our firm today for a free case consultation to learn more about how waterbury bus accident lawyer Tim Moynahan can get you the compensation you deserve under the law.


We also help victims recover compensation for truck accident injuries & accidents involving trains.

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