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Personal Injury: Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a chronic illness commonly diagnosed in children as they reach their preschool years. Hiring a good cerebral palsy attorney, after you suffer the onset of cerebral palsy as an adult because of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), can be a confusing, frustrating challenge for many people. Typically, this illness is the result of traumatic brain injuries while in the womb or TBIs after children are born. You should retain an experienced personal injury attorney if this condition occurred as the result of the actions or negligence of another.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) Are Complex Issues, Best Represented by a Skilled Lawyer

Along with their complexity, TBIs can occur while developing babies are still in the mother’s womb. Sometimes, adults, such as military personnel deployed in combat zones, suffer TBIs by accident or willful actions of the enemy.

Often, TBIs affect both the physical motor movement and the psychological trauma of people suffering from cerebral palsy caused by physical birth defects, malformed or incomplete brain development, or cranial damage from accidents involving motor vehicles. At times, the symptoms of TBI and/or cerebral palsy change, morphing into the person feeling better or worse at different times, possibly causing childhood or adult disability.

According to The United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCPA), around 10,000 infants and 1,500 preschoolers each year are diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). The Association also estimates that over 750,000 Americans have CP for a variety of causes, including TBIs. The presence of CP is often accompanied by seizures and learning disabilities, including some level of mental retardation.

Finding an Experienced Cerebral Palsy Lawyer in Waterbury

If you believe your CP has been the fault of another’s negligence or overt action, you need legal representation. You should interview those attorneys who have experience handling TBI and Cerebral Palsy cases, such as the experts at The Moynahan Law Firm. Don’t wait, or you might miss the time period required to file your case in Connecticut.

By consulting an experienced Cerebral Palsy lawyer in Waterbury, you will learn whether you have a strong or weak (or no) case against the alleged perpetrator, medical provider or other negligent person. The reality is that sometimes a baby yet to be born suffers TBIs while still developing in the womb caused by natural forces, through no obvious fault of no one, besides Mother Nature.

If you’re involved in an auto accident while pregnant – and the other driver is deemed “at fault” – the circumstances may indicate you have a strong case. This is the primary reason you should consult with a lawyer with documented experience with TBI and CP cases. He or she will have knowledgeable opinions about the strength or weakness of a Cerebral Palsy lawsuit.

Immediately after the birth of your baby (particularly if he/she suffered physical trauma before or during the birth process, many pediatricians recommend an MRI of the new baby’s brain to determine if his/her brain is developed properly. If the new brain is not developed sufficiently, you and your doctor may have a valuable clue to the potential of the child developing CP. This clue is not a guarantee of developing CP, but a potential indication of a TBI during the baby’s development, while in the womb.

Should you suffer a TBI as an adult – and you develop some physical symptoms of CP – consult an expert attorney at The Moynahan Law Firm. The first consultation is free and your lawyer can evaluate the circumstances to estimate the strength of your case. Call The Moynahan Law Firm today!

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