Those who work in the state of Connecticut are probably aware of the fact that injuries in the workplace occur fairly regularly. They might, however, be curious as to how exactly accidents that cause workplace injuries take place. There are a lot of different ways in which someone could get injured on the job.

Slip and Falls/Falling Objects

There are many different types of workplace injuries. Based on an article published in Farm Journal, oftentimes workers sustain injuries due to a trip and fall, or a slip and fall. A worker may injure themselves as they land and attempt to break their fall. In other scenarios, somebody could sustain an injury if she or he falls from a roof or a ladder. Workers can also be injured by the impact of a falling object. Those who work on scaffolding well above ground level might cause discarded materials to fall from the scaffolding and hit innocent victims who have the misfortune to be walking underneath at precisely the wrong moment. Connecticut Workplace Injuries


Connecticut workers can also suffer serious injuries if they use or wok near heavy machinery. An inattentive or careless worker can easily get her or his fingers or hair caught in a machine; a situation that could result in mortal wounds. In addition to this, workers can push their physical limits too far if they attempt to lift and/or carry objects that are much too heavy for them. This type of overexertion is able to cause sprain and strain injuries.

It is vital to remain alert while you are working. Injuries in the workplace occur much more frequently than most people are aware of. The National Safety Council stated that a worker is injured on the job roughly every seven seconds. This suggests that each day, approximately 12,600 workers sustain some degree of injury while they are performing tasks necessary for their job. These types of injuries could quickly result in someone being unable to work for an extended period of time. Most people mistakenly believe that only a critical injury would cause them to be unable to work, but even an ostensibly minor injury, such as a sprain, could be enough to keep someone out of work for weeks. 

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