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Criminal Defense: Drug Possession

Drug charges are some of the most serious in Connecticut and carry heavy jail terms and fines as well as a mark on your permanent record. A number of factors influence the charges and punishments – the type of drugs, the quantities, whether this was a first or second offense, and the location in question. Marijuana in amounts of less than half an ounce is no longer a criminal offense, but larger amounts, other drugs, hallucinogens, drug paraphernalia, and second offenses, carry severe sentences. If you’ve been charged with drug possession, you need an attorney who is experienced in all the variables of a drug charge and is willing to fight for you, get reduced charges or have them dismissed entirely. Attorney Timothy Moynahan has decades of experience winning drug possession charges in Connecticut courts and avoiding criminal convictions.

Why Choose Waterbury Drug Possession Attorney Timothy Moynahan

Timothy Moynahan has decades of experience in the criminal courts of Connecticut. He is deeply respected in the legal community and has negotiated successfully with prosecutors to his clients’ benefit At the Moynahan Law Firm, you will meet directly with Attorney Moynahan who will listen to your side of the story and answer all your questions. Your wishes will always be of utmost importance and you will always be treated with courtesy and respect. We will be available to you throughout the process to answer any of your concerns. You’ll be prepared fully if trial is required and we will ensure your rights are always protected.

What Waterbury Drug Possession Attorney Timothy Moynahan Can Do For You

When you hire us as your attorneys, we will have a meeting to discuss the charges and the evidence. We will look for faults in the evidence and the process to have the charges dropped, or dismissed entirely which will avoid a bad mark on your permanent record.

Alternative routes – Accelerated Rehabilitation & Community Service labor programs – counseling, drug rehab, community service are some of the elements of this program which are available to first offenders.

Dropped charges (Nolle/Nolo prosequi) – For minor charges like a first offender with marijuana possession, the prosecutor can agree to hold on prosecuting the case, if the person can stay clear of charges for 13 months. If no other charges are brought in 13 months, the case is dropped entirely and taken off all records. If not, the person is subject to the original charges as well as the new charges.

Process fault – identifying an illegal search and seizure. If the police did not have a warrant or reasonable suspicion to search your person, vehicle, or premises, the charges can be thrown out.

We will retain experts and our own investigators where it’s needed. Working to have charges reduced is the next step. Charges can be reduced on the grounds that the items aren’t as costly to deserve the more serious charge. We also have decades of trial experience in Connecticut courts and can anticipate the prosecution’s case, making us a valuable resource to have on your side.

Types Of Drug Charges Handled By Connecticut Lawyer Timothy Moynahan:

Drug paraphernalia

Possession of Drug paraphernalia – Class C misdemeanor, three months maximum jail time. Note that drug paraphernalia includes pipes, scales, bongs, small spoons etc.

Sale of Drug paraphernalia – Class A misdemeanor, maximum 1 year jail time.

Other Drug Categories

  • First offense – up to one year jail time, up to $2,000 fines
  • Subsequent offenses – up to 5 years jail time, up to $3,000 fines

Possession of drugs in a school zone

Drug possession within 1500 yards of a day care center or school zone carries a mandatory 2 year jail term plus the other penalties listed above

Marijuana possession

½ ounce to 4 ounces

First offense – up to 1 year jail, up to $1,000 fines
Subsequent offenses – up to 5 years jail time, $3,000 fines

4 ounces or more

First offenses – up to 5 years jail time, up to $2,000 fines
Subsequent offences – up to 10 years jail time, up to $5,000 fines


Narcotics charges are the most serious and carry the heaviest penalties in Connecticut. Narcotics include Cocaine, Crack and Heroin.

  • First offense: up to 7 years jail time, up to $50,000 fines
  • Second offense: up to 15 years jail time, up to $100,000 fines
  • Third and Subsequent offenses: up to 25 years jail time, up to $250,000 fines


Hallucinogenics include Acid / LSD, Ecstasy (Molly/MMDA,) PCP / Angel dust, Mescaline

  • First offense: up to 5 years jail time, up to $2,000 in fines
  • Subsequent offenses: up to 10 years jail time, $5,000 in fines
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