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Connecticut Domestic Assault & Family Violence Lawyer

Because domestic violence occurs within a family unit or household, charges of domestic assault are very challenging. Personal relationships between the people involved make for a highly emotional situation. The law is very strict about what must be done to protect people in these situations, but not everyone who is arrested or charged is guilty.

In a domestic violence situation, you may be charged with any number of offenses, some of which carry lengthy prison terms and fines. A protective order may also be issues against you which will restrict your actions. These penalties have a heavy impact on your ability to find employment or enjoy life fully.

If you have been arrested for domestic violence in Connecticut, contact Domestic Violence Attorney Timothy Moynahan. You need to have an experienced domestic violence lawyer like Timothy Moynahan on your side to ensure you are being treated fairly, your rights are upheld and you get the best possible outcome for your case.

What Family Violence/Domestic Assault Lawyer Timothy Moynahan Offers

Family violence cases in Connecticut are handled with the input of the Family Violence Intervention Units so your lawyer must have experience and understanding to work with this system.

We will listen to you, understand all the issues in your personal situation and help you to understand the charges you’re facing as well as the possible consequences of those charges. You’ll be treated with respect, and we will always give you practical advice based on our years of experience and what you want. All your questions will be answered, and we will always be available to deal with your concerns. You will be prepared to handle every step of the process, and if it goes to trial we will manage the entire procedure.

What You Can Expect From A Connecticut Domestic Violence Case With Attorney Timothy Moynahan

Charges can be dismissed or reduced if we find faults in witness and physical evidence and the police arrest procedure. We are well respected in the Connecticut courts, and have met with and negotiated successfully with several prosecutors over the years. We will conduct our on investigations to find evidence to support your case as well as hire experts if needed to provide testimony on your behalf. Motions can be filed to have evidence against you blocked from being used in the case. We can press for alternatives like counseling and rehabilitation programs.

What is Family Violence

Domestic violence can be a felony or a misdemeanor crime, depending on the circumstances. Threats which cause fear of harm, or actual harm are both considered to be domestic violence.

The police are obligated to arrest/charge anyone who has committed or suspected of committing domestic violence. Whether or not an arrest has been made, the police must make a report of the incident.

Who is Family or the Household

The family unit or household covers children, divorced, separated or current spouses, relatives by blood or marriage, and children by blood or marriage. Unmarried couples who have a child together, and couples who dated, or are currently dating, people over 16 who live or lived together, and not related by blood or marriage (e.g. roommates) are also in this category.

Family Violence in Connecticut

Connecticut’s court system has a Family Relations Division, which provides Family Violence Intervention Units, (FVIU) throughout the State. The FVIU reviews the police reports and makes recommendations for the judge who will be hearing the case. They also provide services to the people involved, and will inform the courts if someone is a danger.

The judge will take the FVIU recommendations into consideration and will decide on:

  • Jail time
  • Protective orders – a legal order which restricts someone’s action to prevent threats, harassment or physical injury e.g. phone calls, and entering a home may be prevented. Breaking the order can be a criminal offense and means arrest and jail time. Bail can also be forfeited. Offenders may face up to five years in prison and 5 years of jail time.
  • Civil restraining order – an option to protect against threats, harassment, injury when a protective order hasn’t been issues
  • Counseling/Rehabilitation programs
  • Probation
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