This is not a political announcement, paid or otherwise. It is a deeply troubling account of the extent of the abuse of current technology, not merely to invade our privacy but to manipulate our decision making and influence outcomes. Literally, it poses an existential threat to democracy and to human freedom itself. It is beyond subtle and its intrusions are undetectable and untraceable.

I am particularly exercised about it because I missed seeing this testimony reported, far and wide. I am assuming, it is just me, being otherwise preoccupied. I am not excusing myself since I think being unaware of this egregious trespass, this aggressive penetration into our consciousness via the internet is inexcusable. I am chiding, no, I am excoriating myself.

Apparently, I have been too closely attending to Russian collusion investigations ,reports and conclusions, strategizing how to select jurors that will be fair and impartial (translation: more likely to accept my version of the facts than that of the prosecutor), deciding where to have dinner and a host of other minutia. I assumed I was freely choosing.

A myriad of other business opportunities/concerns, mine and others, fully occupied my time. I thought I was reasonably well informed on issues debated in the public square, ( not necessarily correct) immersed in the tick tock of daily life and cognizant of the dynamics of political events, national and international. All the while a protean Trojan horse had entered the opened gates of our personal fortresses in which we obliviously dwell, standing visibly within, hidden in plain sight.

This is not my midnight ride, but I am galloping here to alert the populace with a call to action, “the Google has Come, the Facebook has come, man the barricades, defend yourselves.,” Private lives are an endangered species, without a shot being fired, when choice is an illusion and individual control is relinquished. The danger is increasing exponentially.

Learning more and opposing this digital manifestation of “the Body snatchers, is imperative before it’s too late. WE have met the robots of the future and they are us. Life imitates art.

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