Car Accident Lawyer New Haven, CT

A car accident is a traumatic event. One minute you were driving to the grocery store or the post office and the next minute your car is totaled and you find yourself with some serious injuries. This is usually how someone expects a car accident to go. However, not everyone who is involved in a car accident sees their injuries right away. In fact, attorneys know that your injuries after a car accident may not show up for several hours or even several days. When this happens, what should you do? If you feel fine, should you forego the lawyer and the hospital and go on with your life? Attorneys believe you should always go see a medical professional and call your car accident attorney right away after someone else’s negligence has caused you to be in a car accident. If you have been the victim, please call a law office now.

Why wouldn’t I notice my injuries right away?

Our bodies go through a period of stress and excitement immediately following an accident. In some cases, you will notice your pain right away and want to seek medical attention. However, we have had many clients whose bodies were in such shock that they could not register the pain after being hit. For some, this might sound ideal. If you aren’t hurting you may be thinking “no harm no foul,” right? Unfortunately, we know all too well that your pain can creep up after you have left the scene of the accident.

What kind of injuries would I file compensation for?

After your accident, you should call our office right away to see how we can help you navigate your claim. There are various types of injuries you might see after a car accident, and we discuss some of the most common ones below.

  •     Concussion
  •     Soft Tissue Damage

Concussion. Many of our clients want to receive compensation for a concussion. This is one of the most common types of injuries we see because of what happens to your head in a car accident. When you come to a stop because another vehicle hit you, your head may come to a stop while your brain hits the inside of your skull from side to side. One of the reasons we encourage you to see a medical professional shortly after your accident is because symptoms of a concussion do not always show up right away. You should look for:

  •     Dizziness
  •     Nausea
  •     Headaches
  •     Blurry Vision
  •     Inability to Concentrate

Soft Tissue Damage. When you get a soft tissue injury, it means that damage has been done to parts of your body that are not bone. One of the most common types of soft tissue injury is whiplash. This happens when your head is quickly thrown back and forth. You may experience:

  •     Swelling
  •     Tenderness
  •     Inability to Rotate Your Head

 If you have been in a car accident and would like to seek compensation for your injuries, reach out to a car accident lawyer in New Haven, CT from The Moynahan Law Firm today. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer even if your injuries do not show up immediately following your accident.

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