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Has your child been arrested or charged with a crime? Juvenile criminal defense attorney Tim Moynahan has over 50 years of experience in local courts and in the juvenile justice system.

Juvenile Arrests In Connecticut

Juvenile arrests in Connecticut make up 8% of arrests*. Rest assured, even though this may be an extremely rare occurrence in your life, it’s common, and it can be dealt with swiftly and successfully. You have come to the right place at Moynahan Law. Our firm has been voted

Beginning the process of vetting and consulting a legal professional when your child has been arrested can be one of the hardest things a parent can do. At Moynahan Law , we have decades of experience and we’re here both to work for you and to walk with you.  

You want someone who has experience, but who can be a team player with to you and your child. Someone to provide a knowledgeable, strong foundation for a difficult, but common experience. As soon as possible, you must hire an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney lawyer to assist with your child’s juvenile case.
* Source: CT.GOV

There are a great many considerations specific to both your case and the state of Connecticut that we will bring into your case.

Other considerations below should jumpstart your thought process and the process of working with Moynahan.

Considerations Around Juvenile Crimes

Common arrests for juveniles in Connecticut

24% Simple assault, 17% disorderly conduct, 17% larceny, 7% drug abuse allegations, 5% vandalism, with  car theft, burglary, aggravated assault, weapons and robbery contributing minor percentages.

* Source: CT.GOV

Obtaining release back to your family.

This should be your first concern, if it is the case that your child has been detained. After your child’s release, your juvenile criminal defense attorney will work with you and your child to secure the best next steps.


In our years of experience in juvenile law, we at Moynahan law know that not all cases are cut and dry. Many cases involving children have false accusations (either by children or by adults) to strongly consider.

Going to Court

Of the cases referred to court in 2016, 63% are handled judicially.

* Source: CT.GOV

Recovery from the mistake.

A conviction can have consequences for your child — record of juvenile delinquency. permanent criminal record, placement in a jail-like detention facility (Connecticut Juvenile Training School of Journey House) , impact on future educational opportunities and career.

Juvenile or Family with Service Needs Referral

Children charged with a criminal offence before their 18th birthday are referred to juvenile court, however there are some further details such as the FWSN (Family with Service needs) referral, wherein a child is charged with an act that would not be considered a crime as an adult. FWSN made up 27% of all cases in 2016. 

* Source: CT.GOV

Preserving your child’s freedom and future

We know that this is the utmost concern of any parent, and it it our primary goal at Moyahan law. We aim to protect and secure the legal rights of minors accused of a crime before the legal process, and ensure that the greatest amount of legal resources, know-how and experience go into the process.

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