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We can agree that medical malpractice including failure to diagnose, and nursing home neglect occurs more often than it should. When a healthcare provider departs from the “standard of care” and treatment of a patient, medical malpractice occurs. The “standard of care” is defined as what a reasonably careful medical provider would or would not have done under the same or similar circumstances. The question is, was the provider negligent? If you suspect that you or a loved one has been treated carelessly by a healthcare provider (doctor, hospital, dentist etc) and suffered injury as a result, it is important that you consult with me to determine your rights and the best course of action.

What You Can Expect from Me as Your Medical Malpractice Attorney

When consulted, I will listen to you, and gain an understanding of your experience. I’ll examine all medical records, discuss your personal situation with other medical experts, interview witnesses to determine whether you have been injured in the course of treatment by a health provider or through nursing home neglect My aim at this stage is to reduce the stress of an inquiry into the medical treatment in question. Then I will decide if a malpractice claim exists based on a provider’s negligence which caused injury.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

Causing Cerebral Palsy

Through a head injury or depriving the brain of oxygen. Irreversible damage can happen to the brain within five minutes of anoxia (lack of oxygen). Physicians are expected to monitor such risks and assist the patient accordingly. We can help you get compensation according to Per Connecticut’s General Statute 52-527. This offers guidelines for comparative negligence standard in medical malpractice cases.

Failure to Diagnose Major Medical Conditions

For example, cancer. Cancer is often treatable if diagnosed early. The cost of treating most conditions before they become full-blown is minimal. We will help you troubleshoot the important step that your physician missed in diagnosis that cost you subsequent issues. We will offer expert testimony to establish negligence according to the legal requirements of Connecticut.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries to the mother or infant can often be avoided by adhering to the medical best practices. The advanced technical know-how, if used appropriately can help health professionals decide the course of action required to prevent birth injuries. Through our help, you will be able to litigate cervical tears, uterine rupture or limb dislocations acquired during parturition.

Surgical Errors

Including leaving foreign objects behind. There is a surgical procedure for every operation that ensures that surgeons do not leave forceps or gauzes inside the body of the patient. Other surgical errors of concern include delayed operation causing death or morbidity.


Nosocomial infections which are acquired in the hospital can be prevented through practices such as proper hygiene. We will help you get to know if you got an infection because a healthcare professional did not wash their hands or change gloves.

Nursing Home Neglect

Resulting in harm to the patient. Patients who spend the later years of their lives in nursing homes require particularly exceptional healthcare attendance. If you or your family member feels that they have been neglected and left to their own means at a nursing home facility, feel free to contact us.

Medication Errors

resulting in harm or delayed healing. Some medications are not supposed to be used concurrently with others that cause adverse interactions. Overdose, underdose, or mixing up of medications can cause problems. When problems like these arise we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

When a Medical Malpractice Claim is Established

Once medical malpractice has been established, I’ll evaluate the extent of injury or damage. Sometimes the damage is relatively small and sometimes it is catastrophic, leading to serious permanent injury or death. (In case of death, see Wrongful Death Lawyer ) After I gather and evaluate all the information, and know the full extent of the injuries, I’ll enter into negotiations to settle your claim for full and adequate compensation. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of an experienced and respected legal negotiator.

At this point, I’ll have found out and discussed with you the value of your case based upon your economic and non-economic losses. In the event that your case cannot be settled, after every effort is exhausted, a lawsuit will be filed on your behalf. We will proceed to trial, continuing to use advanced negotiating skills to settle but always prepared to go forward in a trial to get you these best result.

We also help victims and families of victims with Cerebral Palsy Legal ClaimsSpinal Cord Injury Malpractice Compensation.

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