What Are The Most Common Workplace Injuries?

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A large number of personal injury court cases stem from workplace injuries. In fact, becoming seriously injured at work is surprisingly common. According to former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis in 2010, over 3 million Americans a year suffer from a serious workplace injury with lasting effects. On average, 12 people are killed at work every day.

Many workplace injuries are avoidable with proper precautions. Though regulatory bodies like OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, look out for employees and require companies to educate and alert their employees to potential danger, the high rate of workplace injuries indicates that not enough is being done.

If you injure yourself at work, it’s recommended to contact a personal injury lawyer to guide you through a work injury lawsuit and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the most common workplace injuries that result in workman’s comp lawsuits.

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    The Top 5 Most Common Causes for Workplace Injury


    Overexertion is the most common workplace injury. This category of injuries racks up an estimated $3.4 million annual in benefits payouts. Overexertion can happen in a number of different ways in the workplace: pulling, lifting, and pushing motions — required at just about any job involving physical labor — can all result in an overexertion injury if not handled correctly. The most important way to prevent these injuries from occurring is for companies to diligently educate their employees about the best way to approach these motions and correct anyone seen doing them wrong.

    Slipping, Tripping, and Reaction Injuries

    Slipping and tripping accidents are common injuries that can happen just about anywhere — the workplace is no exception. People who work in environments with floors that frequently can get wet, such as restaurants, slaughterhouses, or factories, are at special risk of slip and fall injuries. OSHA rules require that employees of such establishments wear non-slip shoes, but slipping accidents still occur.

    Reaction injuries are similar, except that the victim usually doesn’t actually fall to the ground. Rather, the injury is caused by breaking the fall abruptly — for example, grabbing onto something to steady oneself and then suffering a shoulder injury as a result.

    Falling From Heights

    This common workplace injury can have some of the most serious repercussions. Many jobs require people to be up in high places that they ordinarily wouldn’t be on their own — for example, on top of a roof, ladder, or forklift. Losing one’s balance or miscalculating a movement can be extremely dangerous in such situations, often resulting in paralysis or even fatalities.

    Falling Object

    These injuries are caused when an employee is struck by an object falling from above. Often, it’s a piece of merchandise that falls from a shelf overhead, or an object dropped by another person who may be up high on a ladder or forklift. When dropped from a significant height, even a small object can cause serious injury.

    Vehicle Accidents

    Whether you’re on or off the clock, driving a vehicle is statistically one of the most dangerous activities. Car and truck accidents are all too common, and those who drive frequently as part of their job put themselves at greater risk. Programs that teach safe driving habits and monitor employee’s driving habits help reduce the danger, but work-related auto accidents are still common.

    Whatever the cause, anyone that suffers from workplace injuries should hire an expert workman’s comp lawyer. Suing for injury at work can be necessary to receive the compensation required to pay off medical bills, recover from pain and suffering, and perhaps adapt to a new lifestyle in the case of a lasting disability.

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