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Personal Injury: Motorcycle Accidents

Waterbury Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We understand the dangers to motorcyclists who are often seriously injured when motorists fail to detect their presence on the highway. Often, motorcyclists aren’t seen by other drivers. When they are, it is too late to avoid a collision. Drivers can be distracted by cell phones, music, conversations and passengers in their automobile. The size and shape of the motorcycle may make it less easy to notice by both experienced and inexperienced drivers. Also, a driver may not yield the right of way, change lanes carelessly, and ignoring traffic signs and signals.

Certain injuries are unique to motorcycle accident victims

The construction of the motorcycle itself leads to the rider receiving second or third degree burns. Internal injuries, major organ damage, spine and head injuries, soft tissue and broken bones are some of the damage which can occur.

It is always essential that you contact a motorcycle accident attorney such as myself for a free consultation. Do so as soon as possible as there is a statute of limitations on these accidents and the time to take action is limited.

What to expect from me as your motorcycle accident attorney

All your questions will be answered regarding your rights as the victim of another party’s negligence. I will advise you on insurance coverage, and related questions. If you are injured, we will discuss the nature and extent of your injuries and the remedies available under the law. Practical advice is the basis of my counsel.

How your motorcycle accident lawyer works

At this stage we will consider satisfactory solutions when the time comes to negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit. A consultation with me as your motorcycle accident attorney will give you the confidence and peace of mind in a stressful situation. In the event we decide that you need my representation, I will explain the steps required to relieve you of work and worry. I will handle every detail including contact with insurance companies, followed by negotiation when your treatment has resulted in maximum medical improvement.

You can benefit from our motorcycle accident case evaluation in these ways

Before your case is settled, every aspect of your damages will be examined in detail and considered. Depending upon your injuries, you’re entitled to receive compensation for economic damages which include medical bills for doctors, testing, treatment, hospital expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, out-of-pocket costs, and property damage. You’ll also be entitled to non-economic damages which include pain and suffering, (mental and physical) loss of life’s enjoyment, and permanent injury. I don’t get paid unless you do, which is called payment on a “contingency fee” basis.


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