Murder, Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide Defense

When you’re facing certain serious charges, with severe penalties you need an aggressive, experienced and respected lawyer on your side. If you’ve been held with any of the following charges in Connecticut, contact Connecticut Murder Lawyer Timothy Moynahan immediately.

  • First or second degree murder
  • Felony Murder
  • Negligent homicide
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Vehicular manslaughter

It is extremely important that you act as soon as possible so your lawyer can gather all the valuable information to help your case. You or others may also unknowingly make matters worse for your case by actions or words.

Your Connecticut Murder Lawyer Timothy Moynahan

Connecticut Murder Lawyer Timothy Moynahan brings decades of relevant experience in murder, homicide and manslaughter cases to your defense. We will ensure we understand your point of view and your personal circumstances. We will help you understand the charges and the process which will take place. We will answer all your questions and explain every event and fully prepare you for every step with practical advice. All possible defenses and strategies will be assessed to decide on the best possible route. You will be treated with respect and courtesy, and we will be available to you to address any of your concerns at any point.

What Connecticut Murder Lawyer Timothy Moynahan Offers You

The Evidence: Each case is different, and you’ll have our complete attention as we help you through this process. We will gather all evidence held by the police and carry out our own investigation to help your defense. We will hire experts and ensure we find all the faults in the evidence against you, including weaknesses in witness and forensic evidence. In certain cases, even the worse evidence against you can be excluded through the efforts of an experienced and skillful Murder Lawyer like Timothy Moynahan

Dismissal or Reduction: We will assess every possible route to dismiss, or reduce charges. We are respected for our experience and ability in the courts and will be able to negotiate with the courts on your behalf.

Your rights: We will ensure that your rights have not been violated in any way as this may affect the charges and the outcome of the case. We will ensure the police have conducted the investigation and arrest according to the law and claim money damages for you if they have not.

Strategy: All possible defense strategies including justifiable homicide and self-defense will be explored to determine the best choice for your situation.

Trial: Murder lawyer Timothy Moynahan has decades of trial experience to use on your behalf. Trials require an intensive understanding of the law and court process and we will manage all pre-trial motions and every aspect of the trial to get you the possible outcome. Call my office for your free consultation today.

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