While you and your family are enjoying the outdoors and taking a stroll down one of Connecticut’s many windy, tree-lined roads, you are, unfortunately, not safe from the possibility of being injured in a car accident. Making your way across well-traveled intersections always has the potential to be unsafe, but crossing them with care and attention will help spare you from critical injuries or possibly even death.

Pedestrian injury accidents occur far too frequently when you consider how many of them could have easily been avoided.  Showing just a little additional attention to detail and making sure that you take your time will go a long way to helping you and your loved ones remain safe even if you come across a driver whose focus is not on your or the road.

There are some actions you are able to take as a pedestrian to help you evade critical injuries or worse while you are out getting some exercise, fresh air, and just enjoying your neighborhood streets.

Always Stick to the SidewalksPedestrian Safety at Connecticut Intersections

Where available you should always walk on sidewalks.  Using a wide “break-down lane” can be tempting, but it can also be dangerous.  Staying on the sidewalk is the only way to stay truly safe while walking.

Have Patience 

When approaching an intersection you might want to race through to beat a “walk” sign that is just about to change.  Impatient drivers can be too quick to get started through an intersection and that, combined with your racing to beat a walk sign could spell trouble.

Stay Alert

Using all of your senses when approaching an intersection is a must. Keeping your eyes and ears open at all times to make sure that you are completely aware of your surroundings will keep you safe.

Ensure You Are Visible to Passing Motorists

Whether you’re walking during the day or at night, stay in plain view of the drivers so they know if you’re about to cross the street. Be aware of branches or signs that could be hindering their ability to see you.  

Taking some additional safety measures while you are out walking will easily be the difference between safely getting where you wanted to go or a far more tragic ending.

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