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Let’s face it, a protective order – also known as a restraining order – is far from ideal. Yes, people regularly have disagreements with their loved ones for a variety of different reasons, but an individual filing for a domestic dispute makes the situation a whole lot worse.

Now, these days it’s very easy to set up a protective order with very little evidence; all it takes is a minor arrest with a misdemeanor charge. The civil court will then grant protection and prioritize their safety against verbal, emotional or physical abuse. At the same time, it’s equally as easy for someone to violate the order.

Violating a restraining order can lead to a number of complications, depending on the severity of the case. First, you’ll be arrested and charged with a felony, and then you’ll face either community service, fines or even up to 5 years in jail. None of those are desirable, right?

So, to avoid any real punishment, it’s vital that you act fast and provide the court with your side of the story. However, the problem is, not many people are aware of how to deal with a protective order violation.

That’s where we – The Moynahan Law Firm – come into play…

We’re an experienced protective order violation lawyer who operates in and around the Connecticut area. Thanks to our talented set of lawyers, we’re able to help our clients with our specialist knowledge to resolve the issue in the best possible way.

Of course, we’ll also aim to resolve the case in a fast and affordable fashion, which is why we’ve developed such an outstanding reputation. The people of Connecticut trust us to fight their corner. But, the situation doesn’t always need to reach the courthouse.

How We Help People Who Have Violated Protective Orders

We’ll liaise closely with both parties to try and end the legal feud outside of court. There are a plethora of crucial steps that can be implemented, such as anger management consultations or marriage counseling. In the worst-case scenario, we can enroll you onto the Connecticut family violence education program if necessary to avoid jail time.

Ultimately, you need to demonstrate to the court that you’re trying your hardest to resolve the disagreement amicably.

Here are some benefits of using a protective order violation lawyer Connecticut:

  • Save costly court fees that would inevitably mount up over time
  • Stop the underlying issue with your loved one from escalating
  • Restore some normality to your life by resolving any tension
  • Reach the end goal of removing the protective order

All in all, if you’re unfortunate to be on the receiving end of a protective order, and you unintentionally or deliberately violate the terms, you’ll need instant help to avoid serious punishment.

With an expert lawyer that is aware of every single law set out in the state of Connecticut, you’ll be in a strong position to navigate through the complicated process easily. You’ll return to a normal life without any of the added stress. The aim is to achieve a positive outcome for both parties, which will help to solve the original disagreement.

So, why not choose a protective order violation lawyer Connecticut that has spent countless years handling restraining order cases and defending their clients till the very end successfully?

Why not opt for a team of protective order violations lawyers that are a part of an experienced firm that has won hundreds of criminal cases, and millions in settlements?

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