Sacred heart was a small school which made a disproportionally large impact locally, statewide and even internationally in both academic accomplishments and athlete endeavors.  A list of its graduates includes a who’s who of men and woman who reached the pinnacle of their profession and are recognized for their contributions to mankind.

Dr. Robert Gallo, on of the world’s preeminent virologists and co-discoverer of the Aids Virus was the most quoted scientist in the news during the 1990’s.  Today he remains the Scientific Director of the Institute of Human Virology affiliated with the University of Maryland of which he is a Founder.  He is also a Founder and Science Director of the Global Virus Network (

William “TOCCO” Sullivan served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Connecticut after a distinguished career as an attorney and Superior Court Judge.

The Sisters of Mercy were responsible for educating those in their charge.  They were role models for their students.  It was their inspirational tutelage that made a Sacred Heart education a prized possession.

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