Optimism and persistence are twin siblings, that stand against the “daily daggers of relentless steel” which assail us all, without exception. Heroism is endurance for one moment more. Discouragement is inevitable, troubles come in swarms, but the Dawn’s scarlet sky is a harbinger of hope if we choose to make it so.

Minorities are oppressed and majorities are pilloried, often scapegoated, both self advantageously “ used” as means to ends, not as ends in themselves. Evil this way comes.

The villain in chief is the attribution of victimhood to every ill and injustice. Rather than preach reform and exemplify character we teach blame, not mutual responsibilities and accountabilities.

The prevalent question to those locked in animosity, is not adversarial, but a beckoning to resolution based upon a common humanity, it is a simple courtesy and a revolutionary inquiry,” what do I owe you?” It is axiomatic that “ Pride goeth before the fall.” The antithesis of disfiguring Pride is the acceptance of responsibility, it is the wisdom of the humble and mature mind. All else is prattle, “ sound and fury signifying nothing.” Dignity is on the scaffold and victimhood on the throne.

Look to the scarlet sky, for its majesty, to the wine faced lake, for its tranquility. Ponder for a moment the ineffable truth that the human spirit is more majestic, more tranquil and capable of more inspiration than this awesome sight. We are in awe and simultaneously more awesome.

Let this morning’s glorious light summon “ the better angels of our nature.” Let us stop the blame game and begin at the best of all possible places, the beginning. Begin with a scarlet dawning within to illuminate the indispensability of mutual accountability.

Let us abandon sand box taunts and torments and together cooperate in our mutual growth to adulthood. These then will become our Wonder Years, and it is in our sense of wonder and the belief in miracles, self-wrought, that we ennoble ourselves and each other. In this way we become fully human and in our becoming we inevitably learn to love our neighbors as ourselves. “

‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

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