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Your Slip & Fall Rights to Money Damages

Most people will fall and hurt themselves at some point, through no fault of their own. Every property owner, both private and business, has a duty to maintain their property in a safe condition for anyone who may enter. It is the property owner’s duty to keep the property free of “defective conditions” which create a hazard that can lead to an injury. They must warn people of the danger. The property owner must know of, and fail to correct the defect within a reasonable amount of time. The property owner knowing about the defect is called “notice.” Having “notice” and failing to correct the defect within reasonable time is “negligence.” This forms the basis for a legal claim leading to payment of money damages.

Making a Slip & Fall Case

If you fall and are injured on another’s property, you must identify the “defect” which caused your fall. A “defect” is an unreasonably dangerous condition” which poses an “unreasonable risk of harm to people on the property.” If you have been hurt by falling on someone’s property, you should contact a slip and fall lawyer like me who can evaluate the circumstances of the case and help you get the money damages you deserve.

Examples of Slip & Fall Cases

Example 1: You’re standing on the outside deck of a house and the railing collapses, throwing you to the ground causing you injury. All the circumstances and the law must be examined to determine whether you have a case for money damages. You must prove that the property owner knew, or should have known about the defective railing. Proof can be shown through documents, witness testimony or verbally.

Example 2: You’re shopping in a place of business, and you slip on a floor, and fall to the ground injuring yourself. You must identify the defective condition which caused the fall and the injuries you’ve suffered. The defective condition may be a liquid spill, excessive waxing, or a foreign object or substance on the floor. The property owner should have notice if he knew or should have known about the defect, and did nothing to correct it.

In both these examples, the notice, the defective condition and the failure to correct, are what’s required to make a slip and fall case and recover money damages.

Snow & Ice Fall Injury

Duty and notice are the same requirements to recover money damages for snow & ice fall injuries. The property owner has the duty to make his property safe within a reasonable time after snow or ice created a dangerous condition.

How you can benefit from a slip & fall case evaluation

Settlements and jury verdicts will take into account economic, and non-economic damages you’ve suffered. You’ll have to decide between accepting a settlement or going to trial. It is often a complex question best assessed and advised by an experienced civil attorney. The best settlements are achieved by lawyers like myself that are known to insurance companies who go to trial without fear and obtain large verdicts. Your lawyer’s reputation is as important to obtaining the best settlement as it is to achieve the best jury verdict.

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