I know I am not alone in deploring racism but this narcissistic, all-consuming victim’s mentality reminds me of clients accused of rape, among the most heinous of crimes, the perpetrators are ostracized as pariahs and even in prison are targets of prejudice and predations including sexual violence, gang rapes and the like. The only thing as bad as being raped is being falsely accused of rape, and then, more terrible still, to be incarcerated for many years by a flawed conviction.

This awful paradigm has become the distortion and perverted form of racist allegations which are pandered to obsequiously. In the name of your personal dignity don’t fall for it, don’t apologize for it, and denounce it at every opportunity, as I’m doing here.

Being buried alive is not my preferred way of living. I know it’s not yours. Say so, loudly, clearly, unapologetically and as often as possible, in personal discourse and in public forums.

I will post this on facebook etc. for the widest circulation possible.


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