For the majority of people, the season for holiday parties starts on October 31st with Halloween and rolls right on through New Year’s Day on January 1st. A lot of businesses have parties onsite after business hours. Some businesses decide to hold their holiday celebrations at local restaurants, bars, and event major venues for their revelries, especially their huge year-end gatherings.

Many company owners do not offer alcohol at their holiday parties or severely limit the quantity of alcohol they are willing to pay for at restaurants. As the perils of driving under the influence are heavily scrutinized in the public eye, employers and owners are more concerned about the well-being and safety of their staff as well as other people on the road. Anxieties regarding possible lawsuits undoubtedly play a part in this decision as well.

Social Host Liability

The concept of social host liability does not only apply to those who host get-togethers in their homes. A business that hosts a function where alcohol is being offered could also be held accountable if somebody who is obviously drunk leaves the event, gets behind the wheel, and then becomes involved in a car accident. If a minor, like an intern, is given alcohol to drink, the business could be facing further legal difficulties, as can anybody who intentionally purchases alcohol for a minor at a party.

Connecticut, like most states in America, acknowledges the concept of social host liability. This is the legal capacity to bring the hosts of social situations to account for the damage that has been caused by an inebriated guest. The concept of social host liability has been upheld in various Connecticut Supreme Court rulings.

Sexual Harassment

Businesses have a secondary reason to hold dry holiday parties, or at the very least restrict the amount of free alcoholic beverages that employees are allowed to have, and that is that the likelihood of sexual harassment increases exponentially as holiday party-goers get a couple of drinks in them and their inhibitions suddenly vanish into thin air. Owners and/or employers are able to be held legally liable for any assaults or instances of harassment that take place at events sponsored by their businesses.

Seeking legal counsel from an experienced attorney is crucial. The right attorney will be able to help you devise a plan regarding the best way to move forward with any legal claims that are able to be made, including a decision of who is liable for an alcohol-related holiday party incident.

If you have been injured due to another person’s carelessness, negligence, or maliciousness, you need to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. At Moynahan Law Firm, our attorneys are prepared to respond aggressively to your claim and to see to it that you get the full amount that you deserve for your damages. 

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