It should come as no shock to drivers on Connecticut’s roadways that the wintertime presents some of our state’s most hazardous driving conditions. Although winter weather will always make driving a more precarious activity, being aware of what situations to keep an eye out for and what risks to steer clear of could possibly help you to dodge a car accident.

Your Car is Covered in Ice and SnowThe Hazards of Driving in a Connecticut Winter

You haven’t even pulled out of your own driveway and already danger is afoot–the snow and ice that are covering your windshield, hood, and trunk. If this snow is not cleaned off, it can pose a serious risk while you are driving. This snow and ice could cause an obstruction in your line of sight and, in turn, put you at a greater risk of being involved in a car accident.  Also, if left unattended, the ice and snow could come shooting off of your vehicle and land in the roadway, creating a dangerous obstacle or hit the windshield of another vehicle and cause them to lose control and crash.  

Leaving the ice and snow on your car causes more issues than possible car accidents–it is against the law. As a matter of fact, Connecticut State Statute 14-252a distinctly states that failing to get rid of the ice and snow on your vehicle and then going for a drive might earn you a traffic citation and a $120 fine. Cleaning off your car before you even pull out of your driveway will help you avoid a possible collision and a hefty fine.

Black Ice

Another common danger you will find on Connecticut’s roads throughout the wintertime is black ice.  Black ice is the most dangerous type of ice that forms on roads due to the fact that it is extremely hard to see and recognize. Driving across a spot of black ice could cause your car to spin out, a maneuver that could easily evolve into a vehicle collision with painful and devastating consequences.  

Oversized Snowbanks

Lastly, tall snowbanks are a hazard no matter where you find them, even in your town. Anytime a considerable quantity of snow falls, it gets piled up on the side of every single road through snow plows and other drivers. These huge snowbanks often make it difficult to see around curves and get a clear view of an intersection. If you come upon intersections and bends in the road that are flanked by tall snowbanks, please proceed with caution. If you are unsure whether or not another car is coming, then err on the side of caution and don’t go.

No matter what season you currently find yourself in, if you have been injured due to another person’s carelessness, negligence, or maliciousness, you need to contact a Connecticut personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Here at Moynahan Law Firm, our attorneys are prepared to respond aggressively to your claim and to see to it that you get the full amount that you deserve for your damages. 

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