Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer New Haven County, CT

What to do if you’ve been in an accident involving Uber/Lyft

Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer New Haven County, CTUber and Lyft have transformed the ride-share industry in the past few years. These two apps enable the consumer to order a private or shared vehicle and pay instantly with a credit card linked to the app account. The lower price point in conjunction with the instantaneous accessibility puts these two companies ahead of traditional taxi services. 

As of March 2018, there were 41.8 million Uber users and as of January 2018, there were 23 million Lyft users (https://www.businessofapps.com/data/uber-statistics/). These numbers are on the rise and so are the number of accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers. 

Whether you were the passenger in an Uber/Lyft, a pedestrian hit by an Uber/Lyft, or the driver of another car hit by an Uber/Lyft, you should be able to seek compensation for your injuries, as an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer in New Haven County, CT can explain.

What to do if you’re involved in an Uber/Lyft accident:

If applicable, make certain the car is completely stopped. Get out of the Uber/Lyft only when you are certain that it is safe to do so. 

Get your bearings and check on all others who were involved. If anyone is injured call 911. Do not assume that any symptom is uneventful. See a health professional as soon as possible.

The police will take your statement, that of witnesses and the parties involved. The report will include the location of the accident and insurance information with other relevant evidence that a Uber/Lyft accident lawyer in New Haven County, CT can later use to help you build your case. 

Make sure you collect the following information:

  • Lyft/Uber driver’s name, address, and phone number (may be available on the app)
  • The personal insurance information for the Lyft/Uber driver
  • Vehicle information (registration number, make, model, and license plate numbers) for all vehicles involved
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses

Take pictures, video evidence, and detailed notes regarding vehicle damage and injuries. Photos of the accident scene and the damage done to each vehicle become evidence that is utilized during the claim process by a skilled Uber/Lyft accident lawyer in New Haven County, CT. The police are likely to take photographs but if you have a smartphone with a camera you should snap photos of your own.

Your first concern is your physical and emotional well-being. You will decide if an ambulance to an emergency room is required or if you can wait until the next day to seek medical examination and treatment. Often the injuries that are suffered do not cause pain and spasm for some hours after the impact. 

If you have been injured in the accident, you are well-advised to consult with an experienced Uber/Lyft accident lawyer in New Haven County, CT who will know how to maximize your recovery and help you obtain compensation. 

Uber and Lyft both have $1 million dollar insurance policies but that does not mean you will be guaranteed compensation by way of those policies. The coverage that applies is based on the driver’s activity at the time that the accident occurred.

Know that you may be subjected to three different insurance plans. If you were the passenger, you may be subjected to your driver’s plan, the other driver’s plan, and Uber/Lyft’s own plan.

If you were the pedestrian or another vehicle involved in the accident, you may be subjected to the Uber/Lyft driver’s plan and Uber/Lyft’s own plan. 

Not Available

If the driver was using his or her vehicle for purposes other than rides for customers, the policy does not apply. The driver’s personal policy kicks in.

App On but No Passenger

If the driver was taking rides on the app and ready to pick up passengers but was not carrying a passenger when the accident occurred, the primary insurance is the driver’s insurance policy, as a Uber/Lyft accident lawyer in New Haven County, CT can explain. Uber may provide additional coverage in this situation. This coverage only kicks in if the driver requests it and if the driver’s personal liability coverage does not cover all of the damages. 

App On and Carrying a Passenger

The $1 million liability policy may apply when the driver was working and carrying a passenger. If a third party was injured, he or she will be covered by as well. However, if Uber denies coverage, the driver and passenger may still be denied by the driver’s own insurance policy because the driver was working at the time of the accident. 

Uninsured Motorist

Uber and Lyft both carry $1 million uninsured/underinsured motorist policies so that if the accident is caused by an uninsured driver, their policies will kick in. 

Denied Claims

It is not uncommon for accident claims to be denied by Uber and Lyfts’ carriers. It is important to note that Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors. This distinction enables the companies to deny liability when their drivers are involved in automobile accidents. In other words, these companies are not always liable for the actions of their independent contractors.




Navigating these policies can be extremely difficult but with the help of an experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney in New Haven County, CT, you can obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact the Moynahan Law Firm today for more information.

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