We have stood united. Let us stand United.

Veteran’s Day is a sacred holiday for Americans, a day to honor the memories of those alive and dead who served America, our beloved land, with honor and distinction.

In these volatile times we are reminded of past challenges, threats, and the chaos of periods in our history when our fellow citizens were called upon to fight and earn freedom every day, those who never flinched in the toughest of times. As they were always there for each other, and for us , we must realign our commitments to each other and adjust our conduct in accord with eternal values.

Character is critical, it is the foundation of everything. In our present divisiveness, pervasive animosities and riotous behavior, it is incumbent upon as to develop a culture of character that includes diversity (who we are) inclusion (how you make me free)for the purpose of building trust at the most elemental level.

Let us consider ourselves as instruments of utility that require constant sharpening, like iron pressed sparking to a whetstone to yield blades wielded to hone intellectual character, true grit, and implacable resilience. We, as a band of brothers and sisters must persist, we must never quit, and we must, must never give up on one another. If we do not develop character, we have no hope, no promise, we have nothing.

Failure is not a destination. It is our mandate to create a value-based environment. When we fall, we don’t get up alone, we get up with a team. We demonstrate we are a team when we communicate trust, community, communicative responsibility and pride.

The foundation of teamwork is dependent upon the value-based environment.

The landscape presented to us are the crucial challenges with which we are confronted.

We must adapt to the new by recognizing modern modes of communication.

Learn from successes in the environment.

Look at what others are doing (Modeling).

Respect it-then do it again.

Do it with the same hunger, do not skip steps.

Some among us will have crossed bridges of improvement. Those must not assume that others have traversed these bridges ,or evaluate them negatively because they have not. Give them the opportunity to cross, help them to cross (to achieve) earlier than you did and with fewer mistakes. And the instruction must be personalized. Prepare to win. Everyone wants to win but not everyone wants to prepare to win and win big. We have the soul of the nation in the balance, it is our nation to win together, or lose separately, no one must be excluded or left behind.

We ought to consider an oath of service to our country adapted to civilian life, girded by the conviction that we want to voluntarily serve our fellow man and embrace the honor to represent freedom. We ought to enlist brand ambassadors to promote our noble endeavor.

Humility and agility will be indispensable attributes to be cultivated. Let us begin with the full comprehension that we are the luckiest, most blessed people in the world, so we are obliged to join with the best, to protect all, the least among us included. We will make us better as a nation than we have ever been before. Selfless service must be the hallmark of our individual lives and of our team. We require nothing less than love in action.

Our laws permit our flag to be burned and stomped upon, it, and kneeling, when our anthem is played, are allowed as forms of free speech and acknowledged as protected protests. Nevertheless, these are activities that cause strong men and women to weep.

Consider an alternative, (on Veteran’s Day and in meditative moments throughout the year) which I suggest. Don’t wait for Veteran’s Day to express gratitude, go at any time to Arlington Cemetery, make a pilgrimage, it is where where kneeling belongs, whisper words of thanks, feel our heroes, kneel in memory of their devotion and sacrifice, as a way of honoring and acknowledging our eternal indebtedness to them.

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