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Looking for a experienced car accident lawyer in the Waterbury, CT area? We can all agree that automobile accidents, regardless of the extent of property damage may result in serious personal injury which may not be immediately obvious. Whiplash, internal injuries, concussion are just a few of the possible outcomes. It is always essential that you contact an auto accident attorney such as the Moynahan Law Firm for a courtesy consultation. Do so as soon as possible as there is a statute of limitations on these accidents and the time to take action is limited.

What to expect from Tim Moynahan as your car accident lawyer

All your questions will be answered regarding your rights as the victim of another party’s negligence. Attorney Moynahan will advise you on insurance coverage, and related questions. If you are injured, we will discuss the nature and extent of your injuries and the remedies available under the law. As an experience care accident attorney, our firm provides practical recommendations on how to proceed with injuries sustained in car accidents. Practical advice is the basis of my counsel.

How your car accident lawyer works

At this stage we will consider satisfactory solutions when the time comes to negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit. Your with me as your car accident attorney will give you the confidence and peace of mind in a stressful situation. In the event we decide that you need my representation, Attorney Moynahan will explain the steps required to relieve you of work and worry. Our firm will handle every detail including contact with insurance companies, followed by negotiation when your treatment has resulted in maximum medical improvement.

You can benefit from our auto accident case evaluation in these ways

Before your case is settled, every aspect of your damages will be examined in detail and considered. Depending upon your injuries, you’re entitled to receive compensation for economic damages which include medical bills for doctors, testing, treatment, hospital expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, out-of-pocket costs, and property damage. You’ll also be entitled to non-economic damages which include pain and suffering, (mental and physical) loss of life’s enjoyment, and permanent injury. We don’t get paid unless you do, which is called payment on a “contingency fee” basis.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

How to Determine Who’s at Fault in a Car Accident

It’s happened. You’re in a car accident, and after exchanging information and ensuring nobody is hurt, it’s time to determine who is at fault. This step of the process is crucial because it will determine who pays for the damages incurred.

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How Much Time Do You Have to Report a Car Accident?

In Connecticut, you are required by law to report a car accident that caused damage exceeding $1,000 within five days of the accident. While that is how the law is written, police officers that arrive on the scene will file a report for you right after the accident.

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How Much do Accident Lawyers Charge and What Should You Pay?

There are contingency fees and depending on the contract you sign, you might still be responsible court fees if your case goes to trial. There may be other litigation costs for which you may be responsible if the contract you sign with your attorney provides for this. You should carefully read and understand the language in your contract.

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What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident?

Since there is no such thing as an average settlement for car accidents, you should ask yourself these questions, at a minimum, before you discuss your potential case with an experienced personal injury lawyer.


  • Do you have a case that a personal injury attorney would want to handle?Although this is a question that your lawyer is best equipped to answer, it’s appropriate for you to speculate, based on the facts, not your opinion, of the accident.
  • Were you injured along with others?If you were injured in the accident, always report your symptoms to your doctor so it becomes part of your medical file. Is your medical treatment over and complete? Some injuries may seem minor at first, but become long-term or chronic in the future, needing regular or periodic treatment for long periods. If you need long-term treatment or will miss work for a long period, you should estimate how much your medical treatment will cost, or how much money you might lose from being unable to work.

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