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As more and more people become cyclists, bicycle accidents increase. Millions of people exhibit a newfound interest in and commitment to personal fitness. Studies indicate that for every safe driver on the roadways, there may be an equal number of irresponsible, distracted, and careless drivers.

Since cyclists typically strap on a minimum of protection, beyond helmets, they have little chance to avoid injury in collisions with motor vehicles of any size. Riders should always visit an emergency room following an accident, minor or serious, since cyclists are prone to internal injuries because of their minimal protection. When you have been injured in one of these accidents you need a bicycle injury lawyer who will fight for your right to fair compensation.

Some Common Reasons Car Drivers Are Considered at Fault for Cyclists’ Injuries

When you drive a car or truck, personal or commercial, you must share the roadway with bicyclists. If you commit any of these mistakes in judgment, you can be considered liable for cyclist injuries.

  • You did not check your outside or rearview mirrors (and any blind spots) before making turns.You should know the “blind spots” that your mirrors create when driving. If they miss some other vehicles, your mirrors may certainly not see cyclists.
  • You crossed quickly into marked bicycle lanes.

    Cars and trucks crossing into bike lanes are a common cause of bike/car crashes. Even if there’s no collision, riders are often hurt trying to avoid crashes using quick “panic” moves.
  • You did not stay at least three feet away from cyclists when you pass them.Many drivers are unaware of this rule. However, as usual, ignorance of the law does not remove your liability for breaking the law. Do not come close to bike riders when passing them.
  • You did not check for reflectors or bicycle lights after dark.You should always look for rear bicycle reflectors or lights, before making turns, when driving at night. You might be at fault even if the cyclist is not wearing easy to see clothing with or without reflectors, making him or her hard to see.

How to Find a Good Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Experienced attorneys who have managed numerous bicycle accidents, such as Attorney Moynahan, are aware of these common causes for cyclist injuries and resulting driver liability. The keys to finding a good bicycle injury lawyer in Waterbury is to look for experience handling bicycle injury cases and a “winning” courtroom record of achievement. It’s often wise to consider those attorneys who have represented plaintiffs, if you’re the injured cyclist. The Moynahan Law Firm has represented many victims and established a winning record of achievement.

Our firm will present a strong case to the insurance company for a generous settlement or convince a jury the negligence rests with the car or truck driver involved in the bicycle/motor vehicle accident. You can help your bicycle injury lawyer assemble a strong case for you by having your medical records handy, particularly when you have additional treatment scheduled for the future, reasonable projections on your income loss, and estimated values for “pain and suffering.”

The Moynahan Law firm is aware of the growing injury statistics which are plentiful, and how vital finding a bicycle injury lawyer you can trust is. If you have been injured in a bicycle crash at the fault of another contact The Moynahan Law Firm, today for a free case consultation. Our firm has negotiated fair settlements for many victims of accidents in and around Waterbury. Call The Moynahan Law Firm today to arrange a free consultation.

 We also help victims with injuries from a dog attack & medical malpractice.

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