Wrongful Death Lawyer New Haven County, CT

Wrongful Death Lawyer New Haven County, CTWrongful Death Lawyer New Haven County, CT

Cases of wrongful death can be an incredibly difficult time for the loved ones of the victim, at The Moynahan Law Firm, we have dedicated our lives as wrongful death lawyers in New Haven County, CT to helping our clients and their families get the justice they deserve.


The Basics of Damages in Lawsuits

If you or someone you love has ever experienced injury or wrongful death as the result of an accident, you may know the difficulties faced. When the actions or inactions of one person (or business) cause another person direct harm or fatality, a personal injury or wrongful lawsuit may get filed with the court. This type of lawsuit seeks financial compensation for injuries both physical and mental. The legal term for this pursuit of economic recovery is known as damages.


The Main Categories of Damages

In terms of lawsuits, there are many ways a wrongful death lawyer in New Haven County, CT pursue financial damages for their clients. There are three main categories damages usually get categorized under:

  • Compensatory
  • General
  • Punitive



When a person suffers physical injuries that require medical attention, all bills relating to the treatment are considered under compensatory damages. These are numbers that can be added up, invoices that can be presented as proof and even future treatment plans prepared by doctors may be used as evidence. All of these things add weight to the need for reimbursement of this money during a lawsuit.



The general damages category is broad and includes anything that is not tangible or able to calculate with black and white evidence. The most frequent general damages that the victim of an injury seeks include compensation for pain and suffering. These two injuries are not calculated and cannot be proven by anything scientific; however, they are the direct result of the physical injuries and pain.



Punitive damages are levied against a plaintiff who is found guilty of negligence which caused the injury or death of another, as a wrongful death lawyer in New Haven County, CT can explain. These types of damages usually add up to significant amounts because it is meant to be a punishment to the plaintiff. Sentences including punitive damages may be passed down due to those plaintiffs who knowingly did something that lead to another’s injury or death (wrongful death). An example is a person who drinks and then gets behind the wheel of a car and causes a motor vehicle accident. The defendant did something – drinking – that had a foreseeable consequence of leading to another’s injury or death – driving while impaired. Other instances of punitive damage awards are medical malpractice lawsuits and product liability cases.


Personal injury lawsuits can get tricky when it comes to calculating damages. With many types of factors to consider (medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, loss of relationships, loss of future employment) engaging the help of a wrongful death lawyer in New Haven County, CT from The Moynahan Law Firm may help get you the compensation you need to put you on a path of recovery.

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