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Criminal Defense Lawyer ConnecticutOur Waterbury Connecticut Criminal Law Practice Group represents persons accused of having committed crimes, including crimes of violence, drug offenses, theft or property, white-collar crimes (tax fraud, securities law violations, RICO, embezzlement), serious motor vehicle offenses and other violations of state or federal criminal law.

Looking for a Waterbury Criminal Lawyer with the experience necessary to get you the outcome you deserve? The Moynahan Law Firm has extensive trial experience in both State and Federal Courts and with both misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases. Our lawyers protect your constitutional rights and act as zealous advocates on your behalf. Our attorneys work closely with forensic experts and private investigators to defend your case.

Driven by the highest standards of professionalism, a passion for justice and a drive to succeed, The Moynahan Law Firm strives to deliver excellent results for our clients in these and all areas. Our criminal defense lawyers are available to respond to emergencies and staff can accommodate clients speaking Spanish, Italian and French.


Our criminal defense lawyers offer defense for:

Bail and Bond Proceedings

Pretrial release from custody, bail bonds, cash bail, and signature bonds

Computer Crimes

Copyright violations, cyber stalking, fraud, hacking, identity theft, malicious code

Domestic Violence

Domestic assault and battery, elderly abuse, harassment, restraining order violations, sexual assault, and stalking

Drugs and Narcotics

Drug possession, manufacturing, cultivation, trafficking, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, steroids, heroin, ecstasy, and club drugs

Drunk Driving and OUI

Operating under the influence (OUI), driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), vehicular homicide, and other alcohol-related driving offenses

Firearms and Gun Offenses

Assault weapons, concealed weapons, felons in possession, illegal sales, unlawful sales, and unlawful discharge

Motor Vehicle Violations & Crimes

Vehicular assault, homicide, drunk driving, manslaughter and reckless driving

Violent Crimes

Arson, robbery, homicide, murder and manslaughter

Probation and Parole

Revocation proceedings and post-conviction motions

RICO Violations

Racketeering, such as gambling, bribery, extortion, bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud, prostitution, narcotics trafficking, loan sharking, and murder

Theft and Property Crimes

Auto theft, burglary, fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, forgery, receipt of stolen property, trafficking in stolen property, and worthless check charges

White Collar Crimes

Bribery, fraud, extortion, forgery, identity theft, counterfeiting, embezzlement, larceny and money laundering, tax fraud, securities fraud, RICO violations.

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